Feb 17 • 24M

Winecast 75: Paul Tincknell -- once more unto the wine crisis breach

"Some of the glimmers of hope ... really aren't glimmers of hope."

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Jeff Siegel
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Paul Tincknell
Paul Tincknell: "We're buying and drinking less wine, and we're continuing to do so."

Paul Tincknell, the blog's official wine marketer, is even more pessimistic about wine's current crisis than I am. Which, as regular readers here know, is saying something. Our discussion about how to solve these problems included spot-on takes about the dilemma of alternative packaging like boxes and cans as well as the conundrum of natural wine.

Along the way, we also analyzed the crisis and ways out of it:

• There's a cultural shift about what younger consumers are looking for. Call it better quality or more authenticity or whatever, and it's something wine quite hasn't figured out.

• Yes, prices are too high. "No industry has ever expanded with higher prices. ... Unless the industry is going to tackle this head on, we're going to see shrinking volume."

•  The split between Big Wine and the rest of the industry. Paul says it's too much to ask a 1,000 case winery to solve wine's various problems, and the biggest producers -- who seem reluctant to do so -- must take the lead.

• Wine marketing needs to improve -- quickly. "There needs to be a consistent message," says Paul, about what wine is and why people should drink it. Maybe: Wine is something to drink every day. It's worked for coffee, he says.

The podcast is a bit longer than usual, but well worth the time ( and I throw in a teaching anecdote). Quality is excellent, save for a short false start.

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