Please, wine business, don’t market your product like this

These three ads are templates for how to alienate the people you want to attract

Dear Wine Business:

I’ve seen a variety of TV ads recently that struck me as both awful and exactly the kind of thing you’d think was oh so hip and just what wine needed to reach younger people. So, because one of my reasons for being as the Wine Curmudgeon is to try to save the wine business from itself, I’m writing you this note:

Don’t do it! Wasn’t the Roo bad enough?

Kelly’s vegan eggs: The irony here (other than the idea of vegan eggs) is that the series of ads for a product called Just Egg got a glowing review in Adweek. Now, the review did use words like tropes, hunky, and multi-tasking, so I may not be cool enough to understand it. Still, any ad that says a woman can get that hunky guy by cooking vegan eggs for him, as the Kelly ad does, is pathetic and sexist – aren’t we past the “My wife, I think I’ll keep her” stage?

The Geneisis SUV: Some woman jumping off a cliff. Fashion models. Sex. More fashion models. More sex. I thought car ads were supposed to feature the car, but I guess not. This is exactly the kind of image ad that wine has traditionally loved, and which has given wine a reputation as aloof, bougie, and snotty.

UNTUCKit: This commercial solves the greatest problem facing the republic today – “I couldn’t find a shirt that looked good un-tucked.” How do we know it’s the greatest problem facing the republic today? Because the ad tells us so. Again, the sort of arrogance that the wine industry loves to promote, and about as silly as it gets. Does this guy actually think men worry about what their shirt looks like un-tucked?

I hope this advice helps. As always, let me know what else I can do.

The Wine Curmudgeon